View Full Version : Hoyt Spyder 30 questions and answers regarding tuning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-17-2013, 04:50 PM
I get asked this a lot regarding tuning for these so I figured I would share.

I will start with Specs, for ATA I have seen them just under 30" and brace just a touch under 6 3/4". My personal is sitting right at 29 7/8" ATA and 6 5/8 brace. These should be close but don't need to be exact.

Nock height is running 1/16" nock high with the top cam slightly advanced. For centershot they are running really true to 3/4" and once you set it there a quick tip is to sight down from the top of your bow, slowly move your line of sight to your stab, it's better if your stab is about 10" or more. As you move to the right and slowly bring your stab in the same line of sight as your arrow at rest they will eventually meet in the same plane.

By doing this you will notice how true your shaft is with your stab. If it is not in the same plan it will be noticed even if it is just a small amount. I would then make very small adjustments in your rest to get the arrow running parallel to one another identically. This has been very close to that 3/4" if not right on the money. This small adjustment when you are properly spined will make for fixed blade broadhead flight much easier when that time comes, even if the adjustment is very small1/64" if that.

Now that you have you nock height 1/16", centershot adjusted to start and your cam synch with the top cam hitting just a touch before the bottom, it is time for your pre lean. A good starting point for this measurement will be 3/16" past your nocking point of the string when laying an arrow down the left side of the top cam. This adjustment will be made with twisting and untwisting your yoke. What you put in one side will have to be taken out of the other so your cam synch maintains the same rotation.

This should be a very good starting point and put you in the right direction.

Hope this helps and if you have any questions just ask