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01-04-2013, 08:09 PM
So I got a blue widow for Christmas. Really excited to use this pack. I have seen Nate Simmons use it and David Long. My question is who of you have used it and what are some tips you can share? I have already adjusted the pack to fit me and looking for some useful tips.

01-04-2013, 08:29 PM
It's a good pack I've got one myself definitely can haul a lot and has many options for accessories make sure you have your load lifters adjusted to the right length and just get out in the woods and use it. Also have you bent the aluminum stays in the pack to form your back?

01-04-2013, 08:38 PM
Yes they are adjusted. Spring cannot come quick enough.

01-04-2013, 09:56 PM
I also run that pack. load lifters adjusted for sure. once you have it fitted for your body. add some weight and get hiking, you will do some fine adjusting and you are going to love it. once big pointer, just because its a big pack does not mean you need to fill the pack lol ;) i caught myself getting carried away because i had the room. stick to the basics, keep it light in, heavy out! best of luck

01-05-2013, 08:35 AM
Don't let it fall out of the back of your truck fully loaded.. The buckles will break.. I wasn't really all that impressed with the bow bucket, but then, I'm probably to stupid to set it up correctly.
Get the spike camp duffle to go with it. You could live in the wilderness for a month with that amount of space.

I really enjoy mine, it's very comfortable to wear all day.

01-10-2013, 11:58 PM
I used one for a couple years. It was a very comfortable pack once I got it set up right. I didn't think it had enough frame for loads over 80 lbs but up to there it seemed good. I would suggest not putting too much weight in the top lid. I ripped apart some of the webbing that holds it on by loading too much stuff in there and having it bouncing around for a long hike on my first trip in with it. Keep light items in it though and you will be good.

02-07-2013, 07:54 PM
the Blue Widow is a great pack! some guys have trouble setting it up but the bow bucket "butt bucket" is a must have for any archery hunter. it enables me to hike hands free yet get my bow off my back and be hunting without taking my pack off in just a few seconds. in fact when hauling out my last bull we walked up on a little buck and if the 100lbs in my pack hadn't felt so heavy i could have pulled my bow off my back and filled both of my tags in one day. enjoy that pack!

02-08-2013, 12:45 AM
Great pack. Like Fink said, get the spike camp duffel. I pack it into the camp and and pull it out of the pack, toss it in my tent, and have an instant day pack. I often wonder how guys deal with a big hauling pack to get back in, and then need to have a day pack, it's two in one with the spike camp duffel. It hauls a lot into camp and can haul a lot out. I need to figure out the butt bucket. My Z7 doesn't fit in it so good and I have never used it properly. Took it off last fall. If I used it , it would be an awesome feature. My buddy like to sneak rocks into the butt bucket and listen to me complain how heavy my pack seems. There are a lot of attachments that you can purchase that makes it very personalized. I have big hands and all the pockets are easy access. Had a Badlands 2200 and always had to force my hands into the pockets.

02-08-2013, 06:37 AM
yeah the Z7 is a little trickier but it works. watch this video I shot at the idaho sportsman's show, at 0:57 you'll see a Z7 in the bow bucket (on a X2 pack) with a guy dancing around. dont over tighten your quick release tether so the majority of the weight sits in the bow bucket. Some guys will attach the bow bucket a little looser so the bucket will slightly cant to one side allowing the limp to carry a little nicer (pay attention to how loose the bottom flap of the pack is as well. when empty it can be pretty loose which can cause some problems with the bow bucket, because its shaking around back there)