View Full Version : Unit 500??

09-19-2012, 03:36 PM
Hey guys, has anyone hunted unit 500 in CO? My question is not where in the unit but do you think it is worth putting in for this unit as a 2nd choice if we don't draw a muzzie license for unit 54? By looking at the stats, there's half as many tags for 500 as there is for 54(50 tags for 500 and 80 tags for 54). GMU 54 has pry double the amount of public land. Reason I ask, is because we're planning a trip with 5 guys and feel like if we don't draw 54, and DO draw 500, we'll be rubbing elbows with not only our own guys but with other hunters. Our other option would be to just take a PP if don't draw GMU 54 and bow hunt ID or rifle hunt CO. Just wondered what your opinions were or what you would do in this situation?