After many years of applying I was fortunate to draw a WY NR antelope tag in unit 61 and want to make the most of my tag by shooting a respectable buck if not a trophy class buck if the opportunity presents itself. From my research it looks like I will have the opportunity to look over quite a few bucks before pulling the trigger.

With that said, it is my understanding that the most desirable trait with regards to scoring is the mass and from research it seems that bucks in WY are shorter in horn length than other record buck states so that mass measurements are even more critical to get right in WY.

When I read the scoring system outlining Mike's method to score bucks I understand what makes up the 4x7 system and the book provides some references for determining horn length (compare to 6" ear length) and prong length (visualize prong compared to hand length from base to tip of middle finger) but I can't find any references for determining the base and 1st quarter (7" goal) circumference measurements and the 2nd and 3rd quarter (7" sum total) mass measurements.

Does anyone know any rules of thumb on how to calculate/estimate these mass measurements on WY pronghorn to utilize the Eastmans' system as outlined in the book.