I have been using a sling to carry my bow on my side for several years without issue. I decided this year to add a eberlystock style bow bucket to my pack to allow me move my bow to my pack if I want. The advantage to this I thought was It would have better protection when crossing creeks and low brushy area's. If you watch the video they show being able to draw your bow out without taking off your pack. The problem I see with this approach now that I have it is this is only possible if your pack is about empty and loaded slightly at the bottom so the bow is out farther at the bottom of the pack and in tight at the top. I think I will be back to using the sling but maybe I am overlooking something? My other worry is it sticks out quite a bit from your back and looks like you could catch branches or trees when turning. At least the sling is mostly visible and seems to be able to second nature to avoid things with it. Any opinions?