Okay guys, I need some coaching here. My group as gone to CO for years and we're finally burnt out on the crowds, skittish animals, and lack of quality. For a guy who doesn't use a guide or access private ground it's really tough. We bought our first points this summer.

I'm looking for a high action hunt. We don't need monsters, just decent bulls with good activity. We don't want a guide so units with wilderness areas aren't real high for us. I've been looking into units 19 and 23. It looks like the late season for 19 has pretty good draw results (2 pts) with good quality.

I've been thinking we might be able to do a reduced price cow tag the year prior to our bull tags to kind of scout the unit. Is that possible?

We don't necessarily have a preference for method (bow, rifle, muzzleloader). I am wondering how the muzzleloader seasons work. I can't seam to find dates for Type 0 licenses. In CO it coincides with the archery season.

Any guidance at all would be greatly appreciated.