I did some scouting in Colorado over the 4th in the unit we are hunting this fall. I found some good areas and I think we have a decent chance in those areas that are accessible by ATV and then going in 3 or less miles on foot.

Some of the best areas I found though are not anywhere close to accessible other than on foot. The best place I found is 6.5 miles in from the trail head with elevation that goes up 1000 feet in the first mile, then drops down 800 feet, then back up 1200 feet over the rest of the trail.

My main concern is if have success back there can we get an elk out? What is the longest you guys would consider packing an elk out on foot? Also, would you leapfrog the loads out or take out the deboned fronts and come back with frame packs to get the rest?

I am in my early thirties and will be in pretty good shape, I will have 2 hunting companions who are around 60 and will be in good shape for 60 year olds.