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    Bog Pod for Spotting Scope

    I did the same as NDHunter suggested and purchased the Nikon Prostaff this week from Cabelas since they put it on sale. I am now looking for a tripod for the scope, and I like the idea of the Bog Pod since I need shooting sticks for varmint/predator hunting as well. Has anyone used this tripod for a spotting scope specifically? I wonder about the adjustment capability since the base conversion kit does not have any kind of handle - you have to grab the scope itself. Is this a smooth operation? Also, does anyone have any thoughts about the new conversion kit that has a pistol grip?

    As a side note, I've considered the Primos Trigger Stick tripod since they say it can convert for use with optics. However, it does not seem to be as versatile in terms of varying leg height and the max height is only 61". The Bog Pod goes up to 68", which I think could make a huge difference when glassing.

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    I have the bogpod and switcheroo head for this purpose. It works pretty well, but not quite as good as a dedicated tripod. I use it with my binoculars and scope. I like the simplicity of carrying one item instead of a separate bipod and optics tripod but there is a trade off in stability and ease of use. The bogpod head uses a friction lock on a ball and socket joint, like the RAM attachments used in many ATV and marine applications. You can lock that part very solid. The head also has a swivel that allows you to turn the hole head side to side and that has no way of locking. It takes a little longer to get set and adjust than a standard tripod. It doesn't pan as smooth as a standard tripod, but good enough for me. For what I do I find that it works ok and eliminates carrying extra items. If I planned to spend alot of hours behind a high magnification spotting scope I'd probably upgrade. The better tripods are 4x the cost of the bogpod though. I've been looking at getting the Vortex Kaibab 15x binoculars and not carrying any other binoculars or scope. I think this would work pretty well with it's wider field of view and lower magnification while eliminating another item. I'd be at about 6lbs total weight with the bogpod, all heads and mounts, and the Kaibab binoculars. Part of my reasoning here is that my hunting partner plans to get a swaro spotting scope so we could work to the strengths of our optics when glassing together.

    I put my bogpod with the deep U-shaped shooting rest and the switcheroo head on my postage scale and it came out at 2lbs 14.2oz. Not real light, but not bad when you figure it is covering two jobs at any height from sitting to standing.

    I should also add that I don't use mine for predator hunting. A full-size tripod like this is just to cumbersome for me to move and set up for a different shot angle quickly without being seen. 2 legged shooting sticks or bipods can be manuvered much quicker with less movement. I use the stoney point rapid pivot sitting/kneeling bipod for predator hunting and love it. I carry the sitting and prone models for big game hunting and carrying just my binoculars for optics. They work really slick up to kneeling height, can be switched quickly, and weigh 1lb 2oz combined.



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