I did the same as NDHunter suggested and purchased the Nikon Prostaff this week from Cabelas since they put it on sale. I am now looking for a tripod for the scope, and I like the idea of the Bog Pod since I need shooting sticks for varmint/predator hunting as well. Has anyone used this tripod for a spotting scope specifically? I wonder about the adjustment capability since the base conversion kit does not have any kind of handle - you have to grab the scope itself. Is this a smooth operation? Also, does anyone have any thoughts about the new conversion kit that has a pistol grip?

As a side note, I've considered the Primos Trigger Stick tripod since they say it can convert for use with optics. However, it does not seem to be as versatile in terms of varying leg height and the max height is only 61". The Bog Pod goes up to 68", which I think could make a huge difference when glassing.