I am getting up there in points in my home state of Nevada for elk to draw a great area for archery, my problem is I have never hunted elk before especially with a bow. Doing the math today if I am successful, I will not be apply for 15 years. So that means I will be able to draw 2 elk tags here in my lifetime. I don't want to screw anything up. Should I put in for points only next year and buy an OTC Oregon tag? My uncle does this on the years he doesnt draw any states. I am thinking this would give me an opportunity to get my feet wet and learn as much as I can before wasting years of points. Wutcha think. I have been successful hunting so far in my life and 99/100 put in more than the average guy. I hunt hard and long. There is no way I can tag along on another hunt this year also. I am jacked up already though just thinking about harvesting an elk! You guys don't help much by the way with all these pictures!!! Thanks in advance.