First sorry about the long post. I know it is kind of late to be posting this, but about a month ago me and my dad were hiking the hills in Northern Nevada and I came over this ridge and down at the bottom of a draw was a creek with a bunch of Aspens along the edge. With my bino's I could see a lot of garbage at the bottom, which I thought was weird since we were about 2 miles from the nearest road. So I called my dad over and we set up the spotting scope and started picking apart the garbage, we picked out a camp and about 50 yards down stream from the camp we could see a lot of plastic sheeting and a bunch of plant pots along with signs saying "keep out/stay away". Then the next thing we know there was a guy 70 yards below us watching us, he had a 5 gallon bucket on his back and was using a shovel as a walking stick. So as soon as we saw this we jacked a round into our 9mm and as soon as he went behind the next tree we hauled @ss out of there. We were thinking it was a pot farm so we got in contact with Sherrifs detectives and BLM special agents. After about a month and a half of them watching it they raided the place and found out the guy is a drifter that comes into the area every spring for the last 4 years and lives there until the end of the summer months. The agents told us that he had dug tunnels through out the area and that they had moved him out of there and that they were going to be going back in to clean up his mess that he had made.

I thought that some people might want to hear this, and I also wanted to tell people to be very observant about what you see. If you see anything suspicious please call the authorities and if you do see something that you think might be an illegal pot farm GET OUT OF THE AREA!!! I read a lot of stories of hunters being threatened and even being held at gun point by people who were growing pot. Stay safe.