So for those that know already here is a cool update..for those that dont, I dislocated my shoulder on the 18th of June. Full seperation. ER put it back into place.

I called a few docs, and googled some recovery exercises...and did everything they said not to do....I worked the hell out of it.

Today I could not stand it...I psyched myself up...and went for it. First group was in the dot...all five arrows..shoulder was tender but no pain...

Second group...well....GIMP IS BACK na na na na..(yes to the sound track!! lol)

I am so stoked its not even funny...this is my second complete and solid robin hooded arrow in four years in carbon arrows.... my point from other posts has been proved yet once again...sportsmanswarehouse arrows are just fine.

Shots were at 20 yards.Click image for larger version. 

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