Here are a few pictures of my 2010 archery antelope shot on public land, DIY.

A quick recap of that day...

Started the day by hiking into the area I wanted to hunt in the dark. Got setup on my glassing point by first light, and soon enough I started glassing antelope feeding. So I noted their direction and tried to cut them off on their way to a pond. With the terrain I was able to get within 50 yards of three bucks and a doe. But passed them up, and watched them feed off in another direction. I then turned around to glass another area, and I saw a heard of antelope working there way across a flat parallel to where I was at. And they were headed towards a fence crossing, so I used that to my advantage and quickly worked my way around a smile rise in the terrain, and setup below them. They then came one by one under the fence, but instead of walking after they crossed, they ran out in the open further. So once my buck got to the fence, I started trying to make him stop with my voice. I finally got him to stop and I took my shot at 62 yards. It was all it took, and he piled up within 40 yards. It was a perfect double lung shot. Hoyt Maxxis 35 and the Muzzy MX3's are doing their thing!!!!

I couldn't be happier!!! My buck gross scores 74 inches. And nets 73 3/8 inches P&Y.

Buck that I passed up on

The stalk

A lot of working coming together all at once.