10x42 el swaro binoculars. I used to also have a pair of 15x56 slc's that I used on a tripod but I feel that the 10x42 EL's are just as good on a tripod as the 15x56's and I've actually been able to see better in low light situations with the 10x42's as compared to the 15x56's. I use a small outdoorsmans tripod with an extension. That thing folds down to about 12 inches and is made out of aircraft aluminum making it light. I have not made the switch over ta a carbon fiber tripod yet because my aluminum tripod is still pretty lightweight. I've been using a 20x60x80 ATS swaro spotting scope for about 6 years but am making the switch to the 25x50x65 ATM HD swaro spotter in order to save weight and space. I think a person really needs to spend a little bit of time with a spotter or a binocular to really know the pro's and con's behind each one and then figure out what they like or dislike about it. So if I like the 65mm spotter after a whole season I will stick with it but if I feel like I've lost a lot of low light capability then I'll go back to the 80mm.
By the way, I'm not trying to put down the ability of the 15x56 bino's in any way because they definitely are dangerously good on the tripod. But I do not think that a person needs a pair of 10 power, and 15 power binos. To me 5 power of difference was not enough to make that much of a magnification advantage. fatrooster.