Hey all!

Sounds like a lot of you really have Wyoming down. I am pretty knowledgeable about Colorado and thought I could figure out Wyoming pretty easily. However, this is turning into a difficult task.

I have been putting in for a Colorado buck tag for 10 years and still have a couple to wait. Anyways, I really want to buy a leftover reduced doe tag in Wyoming and put some meat in the freezer. With that said I am finding it real difficult to narrow down some areas and figure out where public access is good enough for it to be worth hunting. I would like an area close to the southern boarder as I go to school in Ft Collins, but Game and Fish is showing all those areas to have really difficult public access. What I am asking from you is just a place to start. I know these goats are known to run around like vermin but killing one has always seemed to evade me.

Can anyone here offer me some suggestions on where to begin my search? I am not looking for trophy bucks, just a doe or fawn for the freezer. I am certainly willing to put in some effort and hunt one, but I want a place that will be worthwhile to hunt. I got a late jump this year and missed the draw but info areas with good draw odds for a doe would be great as well.

Thank you for all of your help and if anyone needs some help with Colorado I will help you as best I can.