As I write this, I am listening to bulls screaming back and forth outside my door. I spent the last hour of daylight following a herd of about 60-80 cows, calves, and 5 or so bulls. I have never heard so much vocal activity. There was not a second that went by where the cows were not vividly vocal. Then of course i had to tote along my bugle and diaphragms and low and behold I got into a screaming match with all the bulls. Constantly back and forth. I have never seen this much activity this time of year, I am looking forward to getting ahead of the herd a little earlier tomorrow night and trying to get a better look at the bulls and hopefully much closer as I catch them heading to water and feed. Any of you out there seeing anything like this happening? I will try to get pictures and maybe a video tomorrow night, but I am absolutely amazed the amount of vocal activity. I have heard them in the evening and every morning as I walk to breakfast. It feels like fall already, now i have something to keep me entertained every night until fall comes knocking.