So your sleeping under you siltarp or in your bivy sac under a tree. You want to be close to the elk, deer, moose, sheep, goat, etc for morning. How far out do you trek from where you last saw the animals to where you sleep? Any lessons learned?

Elk: 500-750 yards downwind. So I can hear them move all night and relocate in the dark if need be.
Deer: 3/4 mile and uphill.
Sheep: Close as I can get and not be winded as they tend not to move at night.
Goat: Close as I can get and not be wind as the tend not to move at night.
Other: Most things around 1/2 mile except turkey, then only 100 yards from my morning set up.

I've found that a bivouac any farther than 750 yards from elk leaves me behind in the morning. I've had groups of hot elk that were moving all night wander off from me.