Wow what a video!

I finally received the greatly anticipated DVD by Pure Elevation “ni9ty percent”. The video is top notch and full of backcountry elk footage. Steve and the rest of the crew are DYI backcountry archers. The video demonstrates the ups and downs of backcountry DYI hunting on public land that most of us have faced. From days of elkless encounters to flat tires on vehicles, the video sreally portrays the amount of energy and commitment that is put in to each and every hunt. I have never had the opportunity to hunt elk, but after watching this video I’m going to start planning a DYI public land elk hunt for the near future. If you’re a elk hunter or not this video will get you pumped up and ready to hunt. Thank you Steve and the rest of the Pure Elevation crew for putting together a great video and I hope there are many more in the near future from you guys. You can purchase the video at from Steve. He’s always treaty me good with top of line backcountry gear and once again came through with a one of a kind DVD. Congratulations on the awesome bulls and hope to see the same for 2011!