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    Sony RX100, ii, iii, GoPro Hero 3, or what?

    Okay, I'm starting to think that I should probably at least try to make a decent attempt at documenting my upcoming mountain goat hunt with something other than my iPhone which is pretty much all I've been using so far.

    I've had 2 Canon Powershot Elfs in the past and liked them, but somehow after a while of carrying them in my pocket or in my pack they get some dust in the lens and there isn't a way to fix it. Any pictures you take with a clear sky background end up with a big smudge in them especially if you zoom it in. They are small and easy to pack around and cheap though, I tend to get 2 or 3 years out of them.

    Reading different posts it seems like a lot of people really like their Sony RX100's. They are pretty expensive compared to the Canon Powershots, but people make it sound like they are really good cameras. Now they have a ii and a iii version that are even more expensive. Hard to feel like a point and shoot camera could be worth $800 when you could buy a decent DSLR for that. I do have a nice Nikon D90S, but it just doesn't make it out in the field with me very often.

    Also thinking about the GoPro type cameras. Some of the time lapse type videos that I've seen with them are pretty awesome, but I just don't know if they would be good as my only camera in the field other than my iPhone. Camofire has had a SWANN version on their site sometimes for about $100 that gets decent reviews, I guess you can buy the GOPro white version for just over $200. Anyone using these regularly in the field and have thoughts on this?

    As far as a full blown video camera, what is the advantage of one of those vs. the options above? Better optical zoom? Someone just posted a video with a $1,000 Panasonic X920 HD video camera that was really good.

    On my mountain goat hunt I will actually have a friend along who I might could talk into doing some video and picture taking. He won't be carrying a rifle so maybe he would actually take some pictures and video for me instead.

    I really don't want to spend $1,000+ on cameras and video equipment, but compared to the price of the tag and the price of the taxidermy if I'm successful, having some good video documentation of the hunt has to be worth something.

    Thanks in advance for any input or advice.


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    Bump. No replies? I was thinking about asking the same thing.

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    I've heard good things about the latest model "Go-Pro", but have no personal experience.



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