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    Badlands Summit Review

    So a few months ago I got my new Badlands Summit pack. It looked cool but I didn't really put it to use until this past week.

    I was carrying corn in for a buddy to his trail cam sights. 80# at a time we filled the pack and hiked about 1/4 mi. He has a physical disability so I offer to help him carry the heavy stuff. Trip after trip we filled and hiked. 6 trips later the pack was holding strong. My back was getting tired but the adjustments on the pack allowed me to shift the weight from hips, back, and shoulders and side to side while on the move. I really liked that.

    Then, I started the yearly ritual of hanging and moving stands. I just strapped everything to the back and used it as shoulder straps. again it worked great.

    Yesterday I hosed it off and started "packing" for my Wyoming trip. Basically I mock packed it to see how everything fit. I'm planning on a week and had plenty of room to spare.

    The only thing I didn't like is the rifle straps on the side. its got a little mesh pocket for the buttstock. that just makes the rifle sit too high for my liking. I bypassed the mesh pocket and that solved the problem.

    My favorite feature of the pack was the curved back. Not a single time did my shirt get sweaty and stick to me. I didn't think that was a big deal until I had walked forever. Heading out to my first western hunt I can see how that will make things much more comfy.

    The price was a little steep (for a Midwestern boy) but looking at other brands I guess its comparable.

    I'd highly recommended checking this pack out when you are looking to purchase.

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    Thanks for the review and good luck this year!



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