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    I know what you are going through It took me a few hikes with a full load to get my Kifaru just about right. I would guess that I am running about 80% hips and 20% lightly on the shoulders. There are so many adjustment that you can shift the weight from the lumbar pad to the hips to the shoulders and vise versa. Also adjusting the weight with the load lifters and how the pack is packed makes a huge difference. I like packing mine with the heavier things closer to the body and higher in the pack. I am probably going to do one more adjustment to shift a little weight to the side of the hips. I have been on about 20 full pack hikes since I bought it and this will probably be the last adjustment. Full compression also makes a big difference with the heavier loads. After this last adjustment I will probably start trimming a few straps.

    I believe that BB has tested and or used the pack you have. He might have some insight for you.
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