Firearrow - What part of the state are you in, if your near Sacto let me know via PM and maybe we can hook up and you can help me?

Both of them (cousin and uncle) are more of the indoor/outdoor FP shooters. They do hunt with their bows (hunting bows) and we are not at the liberty to hunt private lands nor ground blinds. They don't archery hunt as much as I do and have done in the past years. I guess you can only check and re-check your equipment soo much before you just say well....maybe it cannot be done. Again if you are able to get it done with your equipment than that is great. I am just saying that over and over I read of people posting that it can be done and for those beginners (like I once was) think they can go and do it and realize that maybe it just can't be done to perfection.

I don't and would not shoot at an animal at 70 or 80 yards, however being able to make this shots will make (at least for me) that shorter shots chip shots.