So the story behind this buck is that he got into a fight with a smaller buck (the buck that is in the picture with him). So during the fight the smaller buck's horns went through the Carson buck's horns and stabbed him. A Nevada Game Warden who was watching this figured that the Carson Buck was mortally wounded so he decided to put him down. The Warden said he shot the deer because he was afraid that someone was going to poach him because he was living very close to some house's outside of Carson City, Nevada. I dont know what he saw that made him decide that the buck was mortally wounded. I know this is not a rumor that the Warden shot the deer because me and my dad sat down and talked with him at the RME here in Reno. The buck's green score was 236 and he is 33 1/2" wide. Do you guys think that it was right for the Warden to shoot the deer or should he have let nature take its course.