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    Quote Originally Posted by Colorado Cowboy View Post
    I just ran some numbers. Even with the Trifecta tag picking the 3 most expensive NR tags (Sheep@$2252, Goat@$2152,Bison@$2502), the amount it would have cost WF&G would be $9,199.00 with the mix of R & NR tags drawn this year. 1000 additional tags at $10.00 would cover this. ( would have bought 10 of them).

    Just sayin.......
    I'd be very interested to see the break down NR to Res for purchases. I would have also sprang for a fair amount of tickets if the fee were included for the winner. I didn't purchase any this year because I didn't have room to include it in the hunting budget. Wy F&G was up front with the fact that this was a raffle "just to win the right to purchase". I firmly believe they would make more money if they included the tag fee for the winner. Will I purchase in the future if they leave it the same? Maybe
    Will I purchase in the future if they change it? Absolutely
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    I understand what everyone is saying and, sure, everyone can have an opinion. My point is that they ran it the way they wanted to by telling everyone up front the tag would have to be purchased and didn't force anyone to buy tickets, so why gripe, moan and groan about the way they did it! It could be that in order to do what you guys are talking about that they would have not been able to get it approved and off the ground, so rather than risk that they went this way with it. Yes, I agree that they probably could get a lot more NR support for it if it's a straight up raffle without having to pay the high NR tag fess. However, the way they did it is pretty dang good when a guy that won can hunt anywhere, with a few exceptions, through every season for the particular animal he put in for.



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