I am getting ready to throw down a fair chunk of change on a new pack and was looking for some of your input. Ill give you all my pros. Then if you would help me decide on which on to go with. This pack is being bought for the primary purpose of backcountry/alaska sheep and goat hunts.

Kuiu Icon 6000
- many different compartments, including optics areas
- option to change out bag for the 3000ci
- fairly light weight (88oz)
- not sure but think it may be more durable than the Kifaru
- about $150 less then the Kifaru w/added pockets that I want

Kifaru KU5200
- Very light weight (58oz w/2 long pockets and 2 hip belt pockets)
- Able to add the E&E pack for quick easy movement (drop main pack and go)
- Seems to be able to carry a heavier load than the Kuiu
- Has a lot longer testing cycle put into it than the Kuiu

That is what I have came up with. I appreciate any thoughts you guys have on what direction I should go.