Im going to start with pictures, and a short description of each one. From there I will give my intial thoughts and answer any questions or take any other pictures anyone here may want to see. I just recieved this pack, this past Friday (6/10). So its new to me, but my intial thoughts are for my style of DIY backcountry hunting this will be perfect for my hunts. I dont have all of my gear and supplies at this point in the year, but I did load my pack down with everything I would take, and what I didnt have on hand, (mountain food), I simulated with my drybags that I keep my food in stuffed with a small blanket, the red dry bag represents about what I would take for 7 days worth of dinners and the black bag was actually full of my cheese crackers and clif bars, the actual amount I'd have on a 7 day hunt as well.