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    R u kiddn? I don't even have the bread to front a tag!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by mt-mike View Post
    Here's some scouting info for anyone who has drawn, or is applying in the near future for a Rocky Mountain Front sheep tag. I visited some of the higher country on one of the more prominent winter range areas in May this spring. I was in an area where the rams (50+) stage themselves, eating new green grass before heading into the higher backcountry. I was able to get within one to two-hundred yards from a bunch of ten. The rest of them were out there up to a mile away. Their coats are shaggy and not very attractive this time of year until they shed all that old faded winter hair off. I didn't see any super big heads but I did see a lot of pretty nice ones. Some were too far away to evaluate. My opinion is that most of what I was looking at were 5 and 6 year olds, with a couple in the 7 or 8 year old category. The somewhat blurry picture of the ram with his head turned and tipped back was one of the better ones.

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    I was doing some spring bear hunting up on the front this year and saw several bands of rams. Its such a magical area in both the types of terrain, the diversity of wildlife, and the wildness that it showcases. Love the front and would do just about anything for the chance to hunt those majestic creatures!!!

    I echo what 6mm has stated. I have 2 good friends that have beaten the odds on 1 species not once but twice in the same time that I have drawn no sheep, moose, or goat permit in 19 years of applying!!! Buddy from high school drew a moose permit in 2000 and another in 2010, and harvested great bulls on each occasion. He also drew and harvested a solid billy in 2008. Another friend from college drew a sheep in 2002 and again this year and I'm sure will harvest another giant ram this year. I may not ever draw, and might not even if it was changed, but I feel like the amount of people that would get to enjoy those magical places and animals that the front offer would be increased!

    Just my 2 cents.....awesome pics!!!



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