Well after many years of baiting I may have found a real smartie pants. We have a dandy (Carmel) almost blonde colored bear and about 40 crows that have been on our bait for the past week. In all 900 trail cam pic's the bear and the crows are in the bait together.

Well last Friday & Sat. night this smartie pants came in to about 30 yds. below the bait and laid down. You could see him listening and looking around. Both nights he eventually just got up and walked away. At first I was stumped as to why he didn't come to the bait. Well when he did the same thing the 2nd night I was sure of it. He is laying down there and listening for his buddies (the crows) to tell him it's OK to come to the bait.

Well smartie pants I put up a 3rd treestand about 20 yards below the bait so if you come lay at your "Listening Spot" this Sat. night you might just get a new tatoo from my Carbon Express Mayhem Hunter using a VPA 100gr. Terminator as a ink (Blood) spreader!!!

Wish me luck!