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    Bear in mind that if your boots have goretex you will sweat and the more insulation you have the more it retains water. Water freezes and that is what will get your feet cold. 400 gram is probably plenty IMO.

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    I would have to adjust layers to the weather, but one thing I know I'd have in the pack is the HPG mountain serape. If I stopped for any length of time I'd get that sucker around my legs and feet for extra insulation even if I didn't use it on the upper body.

    I agree on the boots, if my feet sweat much they get far colder than with less insulation. When I stand hunt in cold weather I leave a piece of old thick neoprene saddle blanket in my stand to insulate my boot soles from the cold ground also, really helps. If I'm walking a moderate distance and taking it slow I sometimes wear 1200gram Cabelas 12pt boots, I can really reduce sweating by not tying them until I reach my blind and my feet cool off, just leaving them loose but not loose enough to fall off on the walk in. My pants over the top keep snow out. Cabelas wooltimate clothes are great for stand hunting too, but I'm not sure I'd want to walk in wearing the upper layers, to hot.



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