I have a friend, who was my hunting partner up here in AK until he moved down to CO about 10 years ago. On the bright side, he's been lucky as a guy could hope in the drawings this year. I believe he drew WY bison, sheep ( I think) and now unit 74 CO mule deer. On the not so bright side, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer about 2 months ago and has underwent a double mastectomy about 4 weeks ago and is now beginning chemo therapy, the some sort of radiation (pills) therapy, then other treatment plus reconstruction. In other words, life ain't all that grand for her, or him. I've talked to him a couple of Times recently and they are hanging tough. He asked if I could help gather some info on unit 74 mule deer. I told him I'd post a request for him on several forums, as his time for scouting (or even posting) is almost non existent between his wife and job. He's really not even sure if he'll be able to hunt at this point but still holds on to optimism. He's a really great guy, and his wife is a pretty amazing woman. If anyone has any info to help a guy out, I'd sure appreciate it, and I'm sure he would too. I think they'd also appreciate any and all well wishes and prayers. Thanks.