Has anyone ever hunted in the Flattops Wilderness area (Whit River NF) for elk? I am searching for a new area and have wanted to give it a shot. I have heard it can be pretty rugged without horses. I'm mainly looking for a great place to get away, see a few animals and have a realistic chance at filling my tag. Not necessarily looking for a trophy with this hung.

I haven't had a chance to get up there but hopefully I'll be taking a scouting trip this summer/early fall and possibly hunting up there next fall. Does anyone know a good access point? I've been studying a few maps and it looks like the Marvine Peaks area seems promising but I've also heard things about coming in from Yampa. What is the hunting pressure like during the rifle season?

I'm not trying to steal anyone's honey hole, just looking for a little nugget of info to get me started. Thanks a lot for any help!