I wont comment again about my dirtbike tires and HLS. Today on Fox new they had a story about a raid by homeland Security in riot gear with their guns and big truck confiscating an older Range Rover that was not EPA compliant. Why are the bureaucrat agencies being armed as if for war? Because our armies are not allowed to attack citizens.
Almost all my competition was put out of business, too. KYMCO, Dinli, and E-ton are the only survivors I can think of. There are some new start ups now. I have already had the audits, the third audit caught me no paying the tax on Christmas bonuses, cost me an additional $800. Just an oversight by my bookkeeper. I had cpa and tax attorneys and was very legal. Our biggest competition was always the government. Now, lets go bow hunting for elk using Cooper tires to get the 6 mile from the cabin, could walk, only 1 1/2 miles that way. Cabin is for sale BTW.