I like everything Mrelite has said about UBNM. I liked enough of what Jesse told me previously to become a member. Nobody else is doing anything in NM. I certainly don't know for a fact considering all I know is what I read from them online, but the organizers certainly seem passionate about bowhunting and concerned enough about NM's broken system to take action. They also have enough concern for NR's to require 2 NR board members. I understand they had to take a position on this latest revised legislation, and were stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am not close enough to the politics to make a judgement on that. The bad thing is the rule changes will likely stand a long time because even if the impact is negative, politicians don't like to admit they were wrong by changing it again.

This is obviously a grass roots organization and it will take time to gain any influence with legislators, but it has to start somewhere. That is why I joined. I hope they grow and keep a least a flicker of a torch burning for real hunting heritage, not money, as the politicians are making it everywhere in every state.