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Thread: Which powder?

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    Which powder?

    I got drawn for a multi-season elk tag and need to pull my Thompson Center Hawken out and get it shooting again. I bought a new pound of Triple Seven and discovered, when I got home, that it is fffg instead of ffg. Anybody have advice as to whether or not I can use it in my .50 cal, or do I have to get another pound of ffg? It's 4.5 hours to the nearest powder store! If it is useable, what loadings? My bullets are 348gr. Powerbelts.

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    I have always read that 3fg powder is finer and burns faster that could increase your pressure than 2fg so you should drop the load 10 grains and it's supposed to burn cleaner also. If you have a chronograph and still have some 2fg, find out how fast it shoots and load the 3fg up till it gets close to the same.



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