I have some money coming I want to use to expand my optics. I plan to splurge once on these and hopefully be done upgrading for at least the next decade, hopefully longer. As to my hunting style, I usually make a trip out west each fall for elk, muleys, or antelope. I put in lots of miles on foot when I go, so weight is a factor. I also hunt whitetail around home and scout extensively before season. I hunt predators quite a bit also. I work on a ranch, and also use my optics for checking cows while calving without disturbing them, reading tag numbers, I find lots of uses for them. I practice shooting regularly to 600yds, and am comfortable shooting to that distance under ideal conditions. I want a rangefinder that will read quick and accurate to that distance, my Leupold seems to struggle past 450yds. I won't come up with this kind of money for hunting again for a while, whatever I buy will have to last me.

Here is what I have
Zeiss Victory FL-T 8x56 - my whitetail hunting binos to use all available light
Zeiss Victory FL-T 10x42 -my all purpose binos, use for everything else
Nikon ED50 spotter - my only spotter right now, have a really good tripod for glassing and a really light tripod for real long steep days.
Leupold RXIV 1000yd rangefinder

Here is what I'm thinking of adding
Vortex Kaibab 15x56 - judging antelope and scouting from the truck
Swarovski 10x42 EL Range binos - keep locked in my safe except for hunting trips use the Zeiss for scouting, I want a rangefinder built into my binos capable of giving me the angle compensated range
Swarovski ATS65 spotter with the 20-50WA eyepiece - spotter for use from vehicle scouting and hunts where I will be glassing enough to justify the extra weight.

Any comments or reviews on the ones I'm looking at and how they will fit into my system? I know the Swaro and Zeiss 10x42's overlap, but my wife hunts also. She doesn't seem content with her optics anymore after using mine so that is part of my reason for expanding the line-up. This way she could have my Zeiss 10x42's and Leupold rangefinder when we are hunting apart from each other.