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    Montana Break Units

    I know its late in the game for asking questions with the permit draw in a couple days but i thought i would ask anyway. I was initially planning on the breaks right away but seen the not good draws odds so i looked into general areas and I think i found an area.

    But i want to put in anyway just in case i draw its good to have a back up plan. closer to home for gas etc. I seen 631 is a better chance to draw than 410 and 6221-622,. Is 631 a decent unit for access and numbers on public or is it one to avoid for a newbie. I know 410 has more public ground and typically bigger bulls (which isnt a big deal to me).

    Anything i should know about these units especially 631

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    631 is an excellent unit, just plenty of pressure on the public land. Any one of those units can produce a giant.



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