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    Quote Originally Posted by D.Turvey, Jr View Post


    I am very happy to see we have such an astute audience! Please reference the most current chart above that was printed in the beginning of each MRS in the journals. When we wrote those states, it was prior to the state having any solid idea of final dates. Note the asterisk in Utah's Deadline Date column and the chart title, then read the note at the bottom of the chart. If the deadline was not final at the time of printing, then we are left to assume the results timeframe is not final as well.

    We try to provide the most current information we can but when our print deadline is before or at the same time as the state's deadline, you can see the problem. I am terribly sorry for any confusion but these charts are the most accurate we had at the time of printing. You can always email me if you need further help or clarification at:
    The problem with that explanation is that Utah has released its draw results in late May for years, so based on the history of prior years, "late May" would have been a better anticipated date. Utah charges credit cards before it posts results and in 2012 it was hitting credit cards on May 20 and in 2013 on May 14.

    I have seen a few areas where I think the Eastman's MRS needs improvement:

    1) Accuracy and Editing: There are OFTEN simple things that like season dates and draw dates that are incorrect. There needs to be a better system of editing and proof checking. I recall a table a few years ago that a large proportion of the season dates were incorrect. I seem to recall it was the Wyoming deer or antelope MRS.

    2) Hunt unit ratings: I have often seen unit ratings (blue, green, yellow) that leaves me wondering if the guy doing the write up really understands the units they are providing advice on.

    3) Waiting for state reg info to publish: Eastman's often publishes MRS info before the state regs some out. That routinely results in inaccurate info. One of Eastman's main competitors waits until the info is out and tends to be far more accurate in their data. Yes that does lead to a crunch at publishing time, but it's better to have the right info than flawed info.

    4) Missing hunts: By trying to jump the regs coming out, often new hunts and units are not even mentioned in the MRS.

    I hope Eastman's takes this to heart. This is meant to be constructive, as these are the areas I have routinely seen errors in the MRS.

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