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    Maine & NH Moose in Huntin Fool

    Just got my latest issue of HF and I see Maine & Hew Hampshire moose made their debuts as anticipated. But for anyone who thinks their draw odds are accurate, think again. When I drew NH in 2012 I calculated my odds at ~1%, and that was figured taking into account my 8 points. Now HF posts it's ~1% but does not mention how they get that number. I can assure you it's a hell of a lot less than 1% for anyone starting out from the ground floor.

    As for Maine? They are the kings of point cheapening with their rediculous unlimited 10 pack point sales! I wait 16 years to accumulate my 15 points and then their legislators bend us over and peddle them for $2.78 each! No, that's not a misprint.....two dollars and seventy eight cents each. Think that would fly in Arizona???

    If you'd like to read what legislators are really thinking when they make their idiotic & unethical decisions, read the following article:

    "Although many committee members argued for a simpler fairer lottery system, DIF&W’s need for the $1.5 million it raises from the lottery stymied that opportunity."

    If you are considering getting in the Maine game, please read this stuff so you know what you are getting into. Another persistent issue is the outfitters constantly whining about wanting outfitter welfare "like the western states have" in their words. Legislation for this has been narrowly defeated on several occasions and will likely continue to resurface until they get it. This year they are whining for 100 of the tags. When they get it, you can count on NR's absorbing the brunt of it, further cheapening any points you buy. Of course HF does not mention any of this.

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    Great post. By posting the "simple draw odds" some of the magazines are grossly misleading the readers. The odds are really way worse than what is presented.

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    I only wish 1% were the odds for Maine Moose. Its not even sniffing 1%.



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