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    Primos, Knight & Hale and M.A.D. calls Cheap!

    I recently won an auction that included some predator calls new in package. I have many of the same type of standard call from Primos (raspy coaxer), Knight & Hale (ultimate predator 1) and M.A.D. calls.

    Again, these are new calls. I must be clear though that the store did mark out the UPC on these packages before auction. In some cases they cut through the plastic right over the UPC to be able to mark it. The calls are brand new.

    I am in Phoenix so if your here no shipping. I will charge the minimum shipping to all fellow hunters. Most of these calls will be $6-$7. I also have some Primos decoy hearts also new in package for $7 each and some other calls that are a little upgraded at $8-$9 each.

    Let me know if your interested and we can go over specifics.

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