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Thread: AR Upper?

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    AR Upper?

    I acquired a Bushmaster CMP XM15-E2S in the late 90's. It has a 20" Crome lined 8/1 twist 1" target barrel on it. Came with a weight to place inside the stock butt to balance the rifle. Problem is it weighs 14 lbs. I would like to buy a flat top upper for it. Questions: will my bolt fit another upper? Should I buy a complete upper? Should I buy a Bushmaster upper or what brand? And where? Should I just go ahead and buy a cheaper "carbon" rifle? I want something I can carry and plink with but want to be able to stick my target upper back on when I want. Any help appreciated. BTW I have a custom two-stage trigger in it that is awesome. Shot NRA High Power for several years (not lately).

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    My suggestion is to remove the lead weight from the buttstock and purchase a new upper with a complete bolt that fits your needs. I have been very pleased with the Rock River and DPMS uppers I have owned. My Dad recently purchased a PSA (Palmatto State Armory) 16" 1/7 twist light weight upper that shot sub moa with 77 gr noslers and varget handloads. I was pleasantly surprised. This is the only experience I have with PSA. The reviews on the internet are varied.

    You could buy or build an upper and use your old bolt, but then you have to get the headspace checked with the new barrel and old bolt to be sure it is safe. But I recommend buying the complete upper with bolt because it is safer and easier.

    Also, I recommend a 1/8 or 1/7 twist barrel. You can shoot all the .224 bullets from 52-80 grains with no problems. If you get a 1-9 twist you may not get the 75/77/80 gr bullets to stabilize. BTW my 16" Rock River ar shoots really well at 600 yds with hornaday 75 gr hpbt over varget. Out of the prone position I shot a 97-6x on a 600 yd target reduced to 300 yds (approx. 2.5" x ring) with the first shot being an 8 because I didn't have a good zero on my scope.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Jason Moeller

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    You can use any mil spec upper you want to. Your bolt will work aslong as the headspace is correct. Midway and Brownelle's have lots of options to choose from for upper pieces or complete. I got stripped blemished uppers and lowers form Areo Precision for both AR's I am building because they are alot cheaper and there really isnt anything wrong with them. Getting it in pieces or complete really depends on if you want to be able to just put it on your lower or build it yourself and also if you can find what you want assembled.
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