Anyone have any idea how many of these booklets states send out?

I think I get 2 from MT every year, and 1or 2 from CO as well, oh and if you live with a family member who also hunts/apply, they send all of you one all to the same household!

btw I almost never read any part of these, I have no problem reading what I have to online... pdf etc...

I understand sending out a reminder to apply... a post card....or an email would suffice.

I think these states really need an "opt out" option.

I at least throw them in the recycle bin... but c'mon.

anyone else hate throwing out or recycling 200 pages of paper for no reason?

I could understand if you applied via paper last year to send those customers a booklet... but online... I would think most of us don't need'em, plus I would rather them save the paper/$$ and pass the savings on to me... or at least have more $$ for wildlife.

Sometimes it's a real burden being a Genius lol