I'm certain there is a level of pure luck and chance involved in the way some hunts are formed. For instance, most recently, I have had the pleasure of meeting several people in my community through a social network site, and many of those folks that I have met have become instant friends of mine who share many of the same interests that I do for the outdoors and firearms. One gentleman in particular, just so happened to ask me if I wanted to spend a day on his Uncle's property target shooting at the end of March. So I ask, where's your Uncle's property, to which he answered, Jackson. Well, it just so happens that since I was a young boy, I have been traveling up that way countless times to visit family and to access some of my family's favorite camping spots and knowing what I know about Jackson, I was certain that no matter where his Uncle's property was, that there would be turkey's there or nearby. In short, I suggested we turkey hunt that day and my buddy Sam said, let's do it. So we scheduled a hunt for March 30th, the opening Sunday. This all happened about three weeks prior to opening day.
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