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    Quote Originally Posted by elktracker View Post
    I think a thread dedicated to spot and stalk black bear hunting would be interesting, nothing against bait hunting just think spot and stalk is more the Eastman's way of hunting. I plan on giving it a try with my bow this spring and would like to talk to other hunters taking on the same challenge.
    Bait, spot and stalk, it's all good! I think just a general Black Bear topic would be great. Then, you could start your own spot and stalk thread from there. I'd really like to see it added; it is always fun talking to other bear hunters.
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    I hunted a whitetail on the ground at 8000ft elevation this last season. Tagged out at 12 noon the last day of bow season to boot!!!
    I have a blessed hunt here in Idaho. You buy the general season regular deer tag, and you can hunt either species all over the state. Just check regs to make sure the unit your in is open for your hunt. I love being able to chase any deer I see during the bow season up here. I agree with T43, whitetail deer meat is SOOO much tastier than the mulies, however, I have learned here in Idaho, which by the way is not a western state, its just Idaho. LOL
    Anyway, I have learned that the mulies you take down south that stay in the brush, taste like sage.(not my favorite flavor).
    Where I live the mulies are more alpine and eat less bitter brush and sage, more grasses. They also taste so much better. The whitetail deer take the cake if you can close the distance on one spot and stalk style with a bow!!! These babies are so skiddish and run at the first sign of a cricket fart.
    I have not landed a whitetail buck yet, but no rush...with a bow, spot and stalk, its going to be well worth the wait when I do!
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    To those guys knocking whitetails, I say this: Don't knock the animal, knock the overweight 'celebrity hunter' who makes a living poking them from treestands over bait. If some of you are so high and mighty, just try doing a spot and stalk on an eastern whitetail with archery equipment. Prepare to be humbled and silenced. They are as wary and skittish as any 'western' big-game animal.



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