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    For what it costs now and all the other things that come with it that most people never use MT really should include a wolf tag with every big game combo.
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    Problem with cutting tags if it's indeed a nutrition issue is it'll further reduce numbers with fawn crops being less and winter kills being more severe.

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    I dont really see cutting buck tags back increasing the population. IMHO, doe tags should be the first to be cut and would have a lot higher return. Last I checked, bucks dont deliver fawns and one buck can take care of a pretty fair amount of the ladies...

    The real problem is the predators, draught, loss of winter range due to development, and increase of other big animals in population. Back in the mule deer peak, the predators were aggresively pursued and killed by whatever means needed. Not at all like that anymore.

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    I am glad those crossings are working out. It is sad to see the deer on the side of the road, and they put them in a good spot. There was always hit deer right through that area. I got one like almost exactly where that bridge deal is.

    Disease is another issue for the deer. The blue tongue deal, TB, and CWD keep spreading and other seem to be a lot more prevelant now. I remember reading something about the Wyoming Range and the problems over there a few years ago. What happened there? Are things getting better? I have heard that the Jonah field is a little slower, did that help out the habitat situation? I have heard both sides of that, wasn't sure what other people here thought.

    I thought that these were interesting articles.

    This is some really good information on wolves, I think anyway. I guess there are some sightings of a wolf/wolves in the Black Hills. If they are that far from Yellowstone, they are all over the state IMO.

    This shows 39 wolves killed as predators in 2013. I didn't see how many cougars were harvested. I am curious about where the wolves were killed as predators. 39 is a lot, really.
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    Hunt down the poachers. Tag counts don't matter. More deer are killed on roads and by poachers than legal hunting.

    Don't hunt does. No fancy BS about "objectives" will ever convince me that shooting does makes sense.

    Eliminate whitetail deer that continue to move further into western states. They are bread like rats in the Midwest. Keep them there. Keep them away from mule deer habitat.

    I have seen some of the good habitat work they are doing in Oregon. It bothers me that I don't participate in some of that effort. Many of us can talk big, but it is hard to commit the time to help on stuff like juniper removal.

    The issues with cats and wolves is obvious.

    End of my rant.

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