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    Not carrying a watch or some sort of time piece. Was on a hunt with my dad, he had killed a buck and drove it to town. Some elk hunters said when they leave camp at 3 am there are big bucks (deer) right in camp. while my dad was gone I went to hunt behind camp. I found a dandy buck with a bunch of does, bout 3/4 miles away. It would have been about a 2 mile walk to get around for a shot without being spotted. Clouds rolled in and it started to get dark (ish). I thought I didn't have enough time to make the trek so I backed out and went back to camp undetected. I thought I had him pegged and I would just come back in the morning and kill a great buck. I got back to camp, and prepared for the morning, thinking nightfall was quickly approaching. Well I didn't have a watch so I didn't know that I had more than enough time to make the hike, kill the buck and be back to camp before sunset. Not until my dad returned did I find out the correct time. I was upset to say the least, at myself. Well no one had hunted it yet so I thought I still had a good chance in the morning I thought. We made it in there nice and early and what do we find? Two hunters and no deer, their wind had blown out the whole area because they came in the easy way from a nearby road. I always carry a timepiece now, lesson learned

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