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    Help on drop camps - CO muzzle elk?

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    Greetings all.

    I am beginning the search for a drop camp/outfitter hunt for my family (brothers and Dad) for somewhere in CO. We just put in for a point this year and are hoping to hunt fall of 2015.

    I am wondering if anyone has any good or bad experiences with drop camps?

    Some of the guys i have been talking to say don't waste your money but i haven't gotten a whole lot of input yet.

    Any tips or leads would be greatly appreciated.



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    What unit?

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    Everybody has their own choice, here are the pros that I see with a drop camp, if you don't have the gear(tent, stove, stuff like that) a drop camp is nice, you can get into good area without hiking and don't have to have everything on ur back, you come in camp is set and then you hunt for the next days when done, the outfitter picks you up and ur done, most outfitters will check on you or offer a pack out service so killing something doesn't take up the entire groups time trying to get it out, here's my views of the cons, most outfitters will reuse the camp so you could be the 2nd, 3rd or possibly 4th group to use the camp and hunting area. Usually the outfitter will put you in an area that is easier to hunt on foot vs hunting on horses so you might not be in "his" prime area. Do your research though on a few outfitters, ask for possibly gettin 1 or 2 past clients numbers(if it's ok with the clients). But most outfitters will only give you clients that were satisfied ask for someone who might not of killed cause if they didn't kill anything but still liked it the outfitter is doing something right. There's a ton of drop camp outfitters around do your homework on them and ask as many questions as possible. I've done a lot of drop camps for an outfitter and I've been working on gettin my own outfitting business. Bs one guys are strictly DIY some guys like to have a little help, and some guys like to he shown where they are but you can do a lot of research on ur own about an area to see if the drop camp would even be worth it in that area

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