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    Sunday Turkey Kill - Video

    Here's a video I made of a turkey hunt over the weekend. My buddy's brother has a very small piece of property, that has a wildlife area nearby and several other big ranches close by as well. The birds always roost in the wilderness area and the surrounding properties. Sometimes it can be a challenge to convince the birds to play, as we really do not have any room to chase em. Called at the Tom in the video for over an hour and a half, before he decided to come check us out. He traveled quite a ways, and eventually ended up only steps away from our blind. Kind of an unorthodox scenery in the background, but it is what it is... small piece of property with birds all around it. My buddy's nephew Cole (6 years old) wanted to go on his first turkey hunt with his Uncle, so we set him and his father up in a blind right next to us, and Cole got to watch and experience a turkey hunt for the first time. In the blind on the right, you can see Cole's face in the left corner of the window. I thought about letting the Tom dance around the decoy for a bit, but was uncertain if Cole was going to get excited and I worried that the Tom would see him, so I told my buddy to shoot. The dad told me after the hunt that Cole was stone still, but definitely watching with excitement. In addition, if you watch the video, naturally, you'll assume the bird got destroyed from the shot, we plucked that whole thing within 20 minutes of killing it. The shot stream, barely scraped the top of its back, not a single piece of shot in the breast or main body of the bird. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the footage. I did the calling, my buddy did the shooting. Need to figure out how to get this kind of footage on a public land hunt.

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    Congrats on the bird! Thanks for sharing the video!

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    enjoyed, love it when kids get involved !



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