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    A supervisor with the NM Fish & Game dept told me today that they couldn't give a timely refund or credit to your credit card (in case you wanted to withdraw your application) because they do not have a process in place to issue a refund prior to the draw. I reminded her that they put a process in place pretty quickly to enact the court ruling considering the draw is only about three weeks away. She replied they did not want to make any monetary mistakes in refunding money early, therefore, they need to follow their established process of only issuing refunds after the draw. So, the way I see it, there is no advantage in withdrawing your application. You"ll not get your money any faster. And maybe, just maybe, you"ll draw the one NR unguided tag (if one is issued) ha-ha. I even called my credit card company to see if NM was really allowed to hold onto our money if we withdrew our application since the draw rules had drastically changed. The credit card representative said they had heard about this issue with NM. She said I had the option of disputing the charge. A form would be mailed to me for filling out and a representative from the card company would contact me to discuss my claim. She said that I probably wouldn't end up with the credit any quicker than just waiting on the NM refunds. She was happy to start the process if I want to go that route.

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    As I see it if you applied you might as well wait and see what happens at this point. If I had applied I would be mad about what happened too but there is nothing any of us or F&G can do about it and all F&G can do in cases like this is follow the laws they are given.
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    For those that applied in zones that are definitely not possible to draw because of their changes, they should refund instantly! With this being my first year applying in New Mexico, I'm pretty irritated with all this.
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