Those are Leica's though and they are right up there with the Swaro's....I used a pair of Simmons 10x50's for years, and got by just fine, but the longer I used them, the harder it got to look through them. I just didn't know better back then, nobody I was around was interested in bino's that cost more than $100. Its nice to talk about how clear of a picture the Bino's have and in a store its REAL hard to distinguish any difference between a pair of sub par cheapos and high end Euro's BUT what I didn't know but learned from Mike Eastman in his books and then on my own was that the high end bino's were easier on your eyes !!!

After looking through my simmon's and even my dad's nikons (10x50) I can't look through them for more than about 5 mins and I start getting a headache, the better glass is better for your eyes.. so when someone says wait to get better bino's take their advice, you're eyes will thank you in ten years. personally I'd rather spend less on a tent and all the other gear one needs. Ask yourself "how much time do I spend behind my glasses?" If your looking at deer for a minute or less every hour from a treestand then a cheap pair is prob all you need, but if you spend hours behind your glass out west picking apart drainages you will want good binoculars ! Just my 2 cents