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    vortex viper hd 15x50 or vulture hd 15x56

    Anyone have any advice on these binos I have heard real good reviews on the vipers, and some good on the vultures.
    The vulture 15x56 are new so not sure about them. I don't have the money for swaros so they are not an option. How much of a difference in the 15x50 vs 15x56? Just trying to get the best I can for the money I can spend. I will be using these on a tripod as I will also be carrying 10x42 Nikons. Thanks in advance for any advice

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    I had the 10x42 vipers for awhile before switching to the razors. I had the 10s and 15s(for a few weeks). I loved the 10s but the 15s we're not great in low light situations. An example, a friend and I were glassing a hill side and he found deer, almost dark and he couldn't tell if it was just a skin head or not. I put the 15s on the deer and couldn't tell either. I put the 10s on the doe and could tell immediately that it wasn't a buck. I sold the 15s the next week. The 50mm objective is just to small for 15s in low light situations. At least in the viper line.

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    Go with the 56 bell. You'll want all the light gathering ability you can get. 15x50 will loose light plus field of view.

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